On Home Ground II by Carinya Sharples | Exhibition 2018

Frequently Asked Questions


VISIONS is a biennial exhibition in Guyana focusing on creating a narrative and telling stories using photography.

Who can submit entries for VISIONS

  • Guyanese nationals with a valid ID card, passport or birth certificate.
  • Photographers living and working in Guyana with a vaild Guyanese ID card.
  • Guyanese living in the diaspora who can prove Guyanese nationality or heredity.

Is VISIONS a competition?

VISIONS exhibitions are not competitions. Submitted photos are evaluated by the curator (or curatorial panel) and selected based on an emerging narrative. This means that technically excellent photos that exist without a story or narrative may not be chosen for the final set for the exhibition.

Is VISIONS only for Professional Photographers?

No, VISIONS accepts submissions from all levels. Equipment used to capture photographs can be anything from mobile phones to high-end cameras. The only restriction is the image must be high enough resolution to be printed.

How do I submit my entries?

All submissions are made through our online submission form found here. There is no need to print your photographs because all selected for the exhibition will be printed by the VISIONS team.

How many photographs will be chosen each time?

This will generally depend on the submissions as well as on the exhibition site, the average selection is expected to be between 30 and 50 pieces.