Curator's Note

Photography is constantly evolving and with advances in technology, the art has increasingly become more accessible and democratic. Today, an amateur with a smart phone can take an image on par with a professional with a high end dedicated camera. Because of this, photography can be defined by documentary, journalism, snapshots, portraiture, landscapes, and almost an infinite amount of genres which are capturable.

Of the participating photographers in VISIONS, three-quarters self-identify as either a hobbyist or amateur. Their gear includes smartphones, point and shoot cameras, film SLRs, and digital SLRs. Motivations vary from capturing a sense of awe from landscapes to preserving relics of history they feel are being lost and left behind.

With this taken into consideration, the photographs exhibited in VISION is organized into six clusters. Each cluster contains five photographs and is designed to encourage the audience to see connections in what seem to be unconnected. The viewer and the photographers involved can look at this progression to understand how they can use different genres, subjects, and points of views to tell a powerful narrative. How are a decrepit cinema and a mountain waterfall related? They have both endured time and erosion, and their new identity is informed by their individual histories. What happens when a caged bird is juxtaposed next to a landscape where birds fly freely? It creates a debate and allows the context of one photograph to influence how the other is experienced.

Karran Sahadeo

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