Portrait of Fidal Bassier

Fidal Bassier

Fidal Bassier is a professional photographer who enjoys taking photographs of people and specialises in weddings and portraits. He is married with two young daughters and lives in Georgetown.

  • Untitled 2016
  • Untitled 2016
  • Mashramani 2015
Portrait of Roshana Mahadeo

Roshana Mahadeo

I am a photographer by profession. When not working, I enjoy taking trips around the country just to enjoy Guyana’s beauty and to document it with my camera. As I like to say “In my camera's eye I now see the world from a different perspective, finer details, truer beauty”.

My collection is called “Eos ki Astraeus”. It was named after the Greek Goddess of Dusk (Eos) and The Greek God of Dawn (Astraeus). It is meant to show the supernatural look and feel of the magnificent sunrise and sunsets in Guyana.

  • Atlantic Sunset 2015
  • Dawn on the Hills 2012
Portrait of Roshinee Latchana

Roshinee Latchana

Growing up in the country side has allowed me the opportunity to see the phenomenal beauty of nature. Photography for me started out as a hobby but quickly became an integral part of my everyday life. It allowed me to escape from the routine reality of mundane living and revel in a new world of life, people and nature.

My theme shows time evolving with the diminishing and mysterious nature where man-made modernisation is being born.

  • Lonely Dusk 2015
  • Lookout 2016
Portrait of Elizabeth Deane-Hughes

Elizabeth Deane-Hughes

FIRE as much as we need an love it, respect and worship it, we also fear its unpredictable and uncontrollable powers when our human abilities fail, then fire can lead to severe destruction as with other elements of nature.

The following picture are examples of the sort of fire caused by human failure. We have experienced way too much of this in Guyana and still are trying to come to terms with the damage and losses.

We know we have to do better in that area; show more respect, improve our infra-structure, take better precautions to prevent and fight destruction caused by FIRE in order to limit this unwanted display of its power.

  • Manifestations of Fire-4 2011
  • Manifestations of Fire-5 2011
Portrait of Kenny Harrinaraine

Kenny Harrinaraine

The Abandoned Guyana series is a collection of architectural photographs that capture the intricate architectural history of our buildings. The photographs were taken from various locations across the country and are reflections of our colonial past. The structures captured are of colonial design and it is a celebration and demonstration of the skillful craftsmanship that once existed in most of our buildings. Some of the buildings captured like many other of its kind no longer exists, the only reminder is the photography that captured them. The series is a reflection of our heritage, it reminds us of how much we have achieved as a nation and serves as an inspiration for future art and craftsmanship

  • The Forgotten 2015
  • The Master's House 2015
Portrait of Jermana de Freitas

Jermana de Freitas

Jermana de Freitas is an art student at the E.R. Burrowes School of art who uses photography as a medium to highlight the impending extinction of Guyana’s wooden architecture, the Colonial Vernacular. In attracting an awareness, she seeks to encourage preservation.

Colonial houses - often people pass them by, seeing but not realising how important they are to our culture. The Guyanese Colonial Vernacular architecture is unique and distinct from other Colonial buildings in the region. It is part of Guyana’s built heritage.

  • Untitled 2015
  • Untitled 2015
Portrait of Kester Clarke

Kester Clarke

Kester Clarke specialises in wildlife photography when not working as an IT professional and tends to focus on birds because they are such visible and audible ambassadors to the natural world.

He aims to document these creatures in their natural habitats in ways that are both aesthetically appealing and useful for conservation efforts by raising awareness of their presence and importance among citizens and policy makes in our developing country.

  • Burrowing Owl - Kuru Kururu 2015
  • Blue-gray Vs Palm Tanager 2015
Portrait of Meshach Pierre

Meshach Pierre

I am a young conservation biologist with a passion for conservation education (as well as photography). My work has taken me to a variety of interior locations in Guyana and has exposed me to the disconnect between us Guyanese who live on the coast and the vast interior, its people and wildlife. Although most of our landscape is relatively intact, if care and attention aren’t given to it, we risk losing what we have.

Through my photographs, I hope to foster an interest in our interior and start a conversation among everyone about how we can maintain what we love.

My scientific work gives me the opportunity to get closer to wildlife than is usually possible. These bird portraits capture a unique perspective of the birds found in our country.

  • Pteroglossus Viridis 2014
  • Jacamerops Aureus 2014
  • Ardea Alba 2014
Portrait of Sharon Ramkarran

Sharon Ramkarran

Professionally Sharon Ramkarran is a social worker. In late 2011, She took up photography as a hobby and fell in love with it and believes everything has its own unique beauty and She tries to capture it.

  • Untitled 2012
  • Untitled 2012
Portrait of Nikhil Ramkarran

Nikhil Ramkarran

My photography has always been, from my earliest recollection of giving thought to my ideals, directed to bringing, if not a chain, then at least a thread to the homeland for Guyanese who are not, by choice or not, away from their homeland.

This takes many forms in a broader overview of my photography. I seek the minutiae of my connection to my home, an expression of the openness and airiness of the seawall at Kingston, the crash of the waves on the seawall, the peculiar salty freshness of the air blowing off the water, the sharp white heat of the early morning after sunrise, barely moderated by the breeze.

  • Arapaima 2015
  • Rest for the Bedford 2015
  • Springing Vines 2015
Portrait of Ryan Dos Santos

Ryan Dos Santos

Ryan Dos Santos a photographer at heart and also co-owner of Oneirois' Dreams Photography. My photography encompasses all of Guyanese life from old buildings, to people and everyday things. My great interests are in landscapes and seascapes and of late street photography (even though I'll admit I'm still a bit of a coward taking photographs of people in the streets).

I call this collection of images paralíes (Greek for 'beached'). It is a small part of the many photos I have of this subject, and is meant to show the beauty of those boats on the seashore.

  • All in a Row 2015
  • Staring Out to Sea 2015
  • The Old Couple 2015
Portrait of Michael C. Lam

Michael C. Lam

As a coastal dweller, the scenery, people and life in the interior of Guyana fascinates me. On a recent trip into and through the Pakaraima Mountains, I took many photographs, but as I was traveling out to Georgetown, my mind wondered to some I had taken and a selection began to form. Before I had traveled even half of the way back to town, I had pretty much set my mind on the ones I wanted to submit.

  • Canoe at Kurupakari 2016
  • Yakarinta Splinter 2016
  • Echillibar Evening 2016
  • Ox-cart to Annai 2016
Portrait of Taijrani Rampersaud

Taijrani Rampersaud

Guyana is an amazing land rich with cultural diversity. Throughout my life, I have been exposed to many aspects of the East Indian heritage in my home - the “Land of Six People”. As a result, I wanted to share the story of my ancestors. My pictures are representative of the journey followed by the beliefs and values that were brought, the hard work that was done, the culture associated with Guyanese identity and finally, the fact that we, as a people, were able to rise from the ashes of our past to welcome a new life - like a phoenix.

  • Birthday Reflections and Celebrations 2014
  • Diversity 2014
Portrait of Aisha Jones

Aisha Jones

Photography has always been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and black and white was always my favourite medium of expression, mainly because it forces me to feel and connect with the image. Although I have only been exercising my passion professionally for a year, I have since made black and white photography my specialty.

In these images, I tried to capture unusual and outstanding compositions of street activities.

  • Natural Habitat 2014
  • Paralysis 2014
  • Treasure Hunt in the Coal 2014
Portrait of Salim October

Salim October

I consider myself an eternal learner committed to playing with light, exploring texture, making people comfortable and adaptive to any environment especially the outdoors. My love for things grunge and aged makes for compelling interface in a modern photographic world especially when juxtaposed with life forms and human elements. I tend to see beauty in the not so beautiful, age in the ageless and art in the artless. I especially love to photograph people and places and have been doing so across the Caribbean for the last 10 years.

  • Lone Tree at Wismar Linden
  • Linden Bauxite Plant
Portrait of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson

The concept of my entry is to showcase the beauty and struggles of a fisherman’s life - it is certainly not a life for everyone. Long hours, hard work and bad weather are enough to keep most people on land. But there are untold beauties of being a fisherman, like watching the sunrise or sunset from a boat on the river, being able to see a variety of birds and other wildlife on a daily basis, to witnessing the calm and treacherous rippling waves of the mighty river, setting nets and hauling a huge catch

  • The Journey Ahead 2016
  • Dedication 2016
Portrait of Brian Gomes

Brian Gomes

As a photographer, I always try to include my personality in my work. I am a very adventurous individual with a deep love and appreciation for the natural outdoors. This, coupled with a natural attraction to the female sex allows me to create nude/semi-nude photo-shoots in the beautiful and unique Guyanese scenes.

  • Stairway to Heaven 2015
  • Lost in the Mines 2015
  • Goddess of Bridges 2015